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Posted on: August 26, 2008 3:46 pm

9 year old throws too fast?


I've heard it all now.  I can not believe a little league has forbidden a 9 year old from pitching because he throws too fast!  It has been mentioned to have the child either play a different position (even though he enjoys pitching) or move up to the next league (which would be 11-13 year olds).  This kid still has another year of eligibility in the league!  He has not hit anyone with a pitch so the argument that a kid could get injured doesn't stand.  I mean, really, a kid can get injured riding a bike but we all let our kids ride bikes!  It seems to me some parents do not want their "little Johnny" to strikeout or fail.  How can someone else's kid be better than mine?  Have your kid stand in their and take some cuts against this kid and he'll be all the better for it.  If he strikesout who cares - that is bound to happen sometime to everyone playing baseball.  If you want your kid to never strike out sign him up for T-ball. 

Let the kid play (pitch) with his age group and friends and accept the fact he is better than your kid!  If you don't like it take your kid elsewhere and play powderpuff softball. 

And to the coach who took his team off the field and forfeited - get some balls and stand up to the parents of your team and tell them to shut up and maybe the kids would learn how to hit a fastball, and not be afraid of the ball!

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