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'Boys and 'Skins part 1

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins will meet this week for the first of their two annual meetings.  The Cowboys have started strong and looked the part of NCF favorite, while the Redskins have also looked good under first year head coach Jim Zorn.  The Cowboys catch a break this week as the Redskins will not have the services of defensive end Jason Taylor.  This may be all Tony Romo needs to find his targets down the field.  T.O. looks to bounce back after having a subpar game last week.  To this point noone has been able to stop the Cowboys except themselves. 

The defense looks to put pressure on the young Jason Campell.  Early on Zorn has held the plays close to the vest but in order to hang with the Cowboys Campell will have to be allowed to make plays.  Portis will find it tough to run with the new "stud" lineman Ratliff clogging it up inside.  I look for the secondary to come up with a couple of interceptions and make some big plays this week, as Dallas continues to separate themselves from the rest of the league, preparing for a showdown with the NY Giants.

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 4:52 pm

Austin Powers

As you might expect Dallas did take advantage of a beat up Green Bay Packer Secondary.  But did you think it would be Miles Austin.  Austin had 88 yards receiving coming into the game and was recovering from a knee sprain, but was well enough to haul in two long passes to go over the century mark and score a key touchdown.  Felix Jones is explosive and Marian Barber is barbaric.  They are the new and improved thunder and lighting of the NFC East.  Gates and Gonzalez get most of the hype as the best TE in the NFL but I think Witten is by far the best TE in the NFL. The guy catches passes in key spots, catches passes over the middle and is a good if not great blocker which springs the backs for long runs.  He maybe the teams MVP.  Three years ago I was watching Romo develop and being from Wisconsin I kept saying man he reminds me of a young Bret Favre.  I'll continue to say it.  He is everything Favre was when he was young.  He is mobile in the pocket, keeping plays alive and makeing flip or shovel passes.  He will make great plays and the stupidest plays alive.  The pass over the middle in the endzone that was intercepted, to the pass to Austin for the TD.  He is tough, taking a big hit as he delivered the ball to Austin for the TD after hurdling a defender.  He has that same charm that wins over fans.

The defense played a much better game last night compared to the week prior.  The line started slowly giving up some chunks on the ground, but thankfully Ryan Grant coughed up the ball once and they were able to hold the Packers to field goals the other times.  Ware and Spears aren't dominating yet.  Ratliff is playing well.  I'm not convinced Z. Thomas was a great pickup.  He seems a bit slow to me.  His tackling is sure, but it seems to always be 5 yards down field.  Aaron Henry just doesn't look good, unless he's blitzing.  Adam Jones is "blanketing anyone".  He is giving a cushion most of the time, and did give up the 50 yard completion to Donald Driver.  Even with all that negative commentary, the Packers are an explosive team and the defense held them to 16 points at Lambeau! 

Special Teams were adequate.  No special returns for or against them.  No missed FG's.  Hopefully the train can keep on rolling when the 'Skins come to town!  How 'bout them Cowboys!

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Get Your Popcorn Ready

The Cowboys enter Sunday nights match up with the Green Bay Packers at 2-0.  Monday night's game provided many electrifying moments. On the positive side T.O's long TD grab, and Felix Jones' kick off return, on the negative side Romo's fumble that the Eagle's recovered for a touchdown and DeSean Jackson's long "almost" touchdown in which he caught the ball and ran all the way to the goal line and threw the ball down before crossing the goal line.  Unfortunately the play was ruled dead and the Eagles capitalized when Westbrook punched it in from a yard out.  If you thought the Cowboy/Eagle game was good, be in your seats early for the Cowboy/Packer game.

The Cowboys travel to Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood AKA Lambeau Field to take on the explosive Green Bay Packers.  Rodgers has made Ted Thompson look very good to this point.  The Pack may have the best group of receivers in the league with Driver, Jennings, Jones, and Neslon.  Look for Dallas to struggle matching up with their wide receiver sets as they struggled with the reserve wide outs from Philly.  It will be imperative for Dallas' front 7 to get pressure on Rodgers and not let him out of the pocket. 

Dallas' recieving corp versus the secondary of Green Bay is also intriguing.  Will Al Harris and Charles Woodson be able to shut down T.O.?  Will Witten be able to exploit the weak cover safties of the Packers?  Will Felix Jones present matchup problems in the passing game? 

As we all remember last year when Favre went out injured Rodgers tore up the Dallas Defense.  If there is a repeat performance of that the Cowboys may be in for a long Sunday night.  If Green Bay scores at will this team may start to be known as the _allas Cowboys!  Let's hope the D shows up!

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Posted on: August 26, 2008 5:47 pm

Baskeball player Buffalos University

3 game suspension from basketball!  That is all Andy Robinson received for blatently trying to cheat in class.  It baffles me to think that  someone who was caught trying to cheat is still part of the Univeristy.  When I went to college if you were caught cheating you faced expulsion from the University due to demeaning the acedemic code.  I guess if you are the leading scorer of the basketball team those type of disciplinary actions do not apply. 

It is amazing to think that he was even allowed to finish the paper and stay in the class - of course he was expelled from the class he probably would be ineligible which is not good if you are the leading scorer on the basketball team.  The article goes on to say how Mr. Robinson apoligized to his teammates, coaches, and fellow student athletes ..... ummmm what about his professors, fellow classmates, parents, Dean of students etc?  I guess there's no need to apologize to all of those people they are really just the foundation of why he has  the opportunity to lead the team in scoring. 

Now do not get me wrong, I have never confused Buffalo with Harvard, but I guess I assumed Buffalo was an institution of higher learning, but you know what they say about assuming.....  Buffalo has embarrassed themselves by allowing Mr. Robinson to stay enrolled in the Univeristy.  Receiving a diploma/education from an institution of higher education is a priviledge not a right.  It's a shame but Buffalo University sacrificed its integrity for a lousy game. 

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Posted on: August 26, 2008 3:46 pm

9 year old throws too fast?


I've heard it all now.  I can not believe a little league has forbidden a 9 year old from pitching because he throws too fast!  It has been mentioned to have the child either play a different position (even though he enjoys pitching) or move up to the next league (which would be 11-13 year olds).  This kid still has another year of eligibility in the league!  He has not hit anyone with a pitch so the argument that a kid could get injured doesn't stand.  I mean, really, a kid can get injured riding a bike but we all let our kids ride bikes!  It seems to me some parents do not want their "little Johnny" to strikeout or fail.  How can someone else's kid be better than mine?  Have your kid stand in their and take some cuts against this kid and he'll be all the better for it.  If he strikesout who cares - that is bound to happen sometime to everyone playing baseball.  If you want your kid to never strike out sign him up for T-ball. 

Let the kid play (pitch) with his age group and friends and accept the fact he is better than your kid!  If you don't like it take your kid elsewhere and play powderpuff softball. 

And to the coach who took his team off the field and forfeited - get some balls and stand up to the parents of your team and tell them to shut up and maybe the kids would learn how to hit a fastball, and not be afraid of the ball!

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